Live Discussion: Using Data Strategy to Improve Physician Practice Reporting

Wednesday, February 3 | 1-2 pm EST.

Healthcare organizations have the constant challenge of reducing expenses, increasing revenue, and enhancing the patient experience all within the evolving boundaries of healthcare reform and population health. To combat these multifaceted challenges, organizations must leverage their system's big data. The complex, disparate systems holding the data must be integrated into a single data warehouse where actionable insights can be derived.

The discussion will focus on how to develop an integrated data warehouse and leverage that data to support organizational goals and everyday decision-making.

Presenter: Scott Jones, VP, Analytics Advisory Services

Moderator: Johnny Holmgren, Senior Consultant, Analytics

You'll learn:  

  • Data Strategy: Team, Objectives, Process, & Results
  • The Right and Wrong Way To Do Analytics
  • Data Integration from Disparate Sources
  • Data Access, Accuracy, and Transparency
  • Measuring, Reporting, and Improving Performance
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